Hip hop music, what makes it so different?

Hip hop music is a music genre to develop from the hip hop culture. The music genre is defined by some basic style statement as DJing, sampling, rapping, beatboxing, scratching and the fredfoxing. The music form first started in the 1970s in the South Bronx of New York City. Hip hop music has got its roots in African-American music and ultimately the African music. Hip hop often coincides with the term rap. But there is a remarkable difference between the two, while rap is one particular song style, hiphop denotes the practice of a complete subculture.

The singing style of rap also refers to the Mcing, which is a vocal style where the artist speaks the lyrics in rhyme and verse. The singing is supported with an instrumental or synthesized beats. The looping portions of other songs are used to create beats in 4/4 time signature. The modern hip hop music in its beast incorporates synthesizers, live bands and drum machines.

Influence of Disco in the Hip hop Music:

It is said that hip hop music has got a good influence of disco. During the early days, this song form was recognized by the division occurring between the fans of Hip hop and the detractors of the disco music. Later on Hip hop emerged as a form of European disco music that became famous worldwide.
With its emergence, the hip hop music basically concentrated on the hard funk loops. It was by 1979,that instrumental tracks became the basis most of the hip hop music creation.]

The very first recording of hip hop track was regarded as The Sugarhilll Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, to be done in 1979. It was by 1980’s that all the important techniques and elements required for music recording were discovered and being utilized in recording. Gradually the genre became widely popular.

Later period of Growth:

It was in the year 2000 that a good influence of hip hop music was seen as many eminent singing personalities came together and sung this music in different styles. The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem in 2000 sold more than ten million copies in the USA and became one of the fastest selling album Ever released. During this period hip hop music created a good influence over the mainstream pop music.

So What Makes Hip hop Music Different From others?

The very first remarkable difference between hip hop music and other music genre is that there is no scope for depressing creations in this music genre. Modern hip hop has attained important innovations in the last decade. In the present scenario it is more recognized as a culture than simply a genre. It’s often said that hip hop music from very beginning is a lyrically complex genre. No other music genres have the rhyming schemes like hip hop. These are some simple points that bring out a remarkable difference between hip hop music and other music genres.

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