Classic Rock Music: Why Do We Still Listen to It

I am a landscaper and I want to tell you what happened one day at a local university.  I was working on the campus lawn and heard loud old-time rock music blaring out of the dorm rooms. It was classic rock. Stuff like Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, Kansas among other things. This was the music I grew up on, and it’s music that is 50 years old. So what is the reason why kids listen to this old music? Here are 5 possible reasons.

  1. Parents Love It

Young kids had parents that were involved in their life. They grew up listening to it on the radio. This may be the reason why I like Perry Como, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra. I grew up with these tunes.

  1. The 60s and 70s Were a Cultural Explosion

Everyone knows of this time. It was a time that changed the world. It was the time of the first rock bands  and everyone loves to think themselves a part of a rock band.

  1. The Baby Boomers Are Cool

Well, at least they control the  market. These are the songs that are coming back in movie sound tracks and because they have catchy lyrics and tunes everyone comes out humming them.

  1. Only the Best is Played

By now old rock n Roll has been filtered so only the best pieces hit the market.  The most popular songs of the era are what is played. New music still doesn’t have the benefit of being filtered out yet.

  1. Well Made

This was an innovative time and for the first time in centuries, artists were able to create freely. This brought about innovation and technology that revolutionized the music industry.

The popularity of this type of music is because of all of these factors. That’s why it is still a very popular genre of music.

So get out your earbuds and start listening. If you don’t know much about the music of the classic rock era. Read up and go search for some tunes. At the very least, start really listening to some of the tunes in the new blockbuster movies.