How do air-conditioned rooms have an impact on learning?

does air conditioned room has impact on learning music

There are some who may argue that music is all about rhythm and feeling. This is because music is a form of communication and expression, something that conveys a message across in a variety of ways, to people who are listening. While music certainly has this quality to it, music does not necessarily need to be expressed through live performance. Music can also be expressed through recorded media, in the form of music lessons or audio discs. Therefore, while a room with air conditioning can certainly create an effect on learning because of the temperature, the actual presence of the student does not affect the learning experience.

However, there are many students who would still prefer a more personal setting, where the temperature doesn’t have any influence on their learning. For these students, music lessons can offer the ideal solution, since a more personal conditioner such as ducted air conditioning service can provide the perfect setting for learning. In fact, there are many students who feel that they learn best in an environment that is more comfortable and quiet. The air conditioning helps to create a more comfortable learning environment where distractions are kept at bay. This means that the student is better able to concentrate and absorb what is being taught, as opposed to a room where sudden fluctuations in temperature can interrupt the lesson.

When choosing an air conditioning installation company, one should be careful to check if the ducted air conditioners they are considering installing will have controls for temperature. These controls should offer the ability to set the room temperature, as well as be able to vary the temperature of the air throughout the entire room. If you were to install ducted air conditioning installation in a room where you had no control over the temperature, your students would have problems concentrating and focusing on the lessons that you are providing. If you set the temperature manually, it could easily cause your students to become distracted or feel discomfort, making it difficult to teach.

During a music class, your students should be able to focus and listen attentively. They should be able to clearly hear what is being taught in each lesson, and if they have questions or concerns they should be able to voice them without causing the teacher to answer them. Furthermore, your students should be able to concentrate and listen without having to interrupt the teaching process to raise their hands or request further information. With distractions so prevalent in a classroom, both students and teachers will find that it is easier to provide the maximum level of instruction with an AC system in place.

If you installed an air-conditioned room in your classroom, you would also be providing a measure of safety for your students. Students who spend the majority of their time inside of a classroom are at greater risk of injury, both physically and emotionally. As students sit at desks typing on their laptops, they can be at a higher risk for head injuries than those who are outside of the room because they are not able to see what is going on around them. When you install a music system in your classroom, you give your students a way to enjoy the activity while avoiding injury.

A music room can benefit your students in a number of ways, but perhaps the most important reason would be the increase in learning opportunities that come along with it. With the possibility of a student getting up and walking out of the room during the middle of a lesson, it is imperative that a student be able to follow the lesson in order to retain it. Air conditioned rooms make this much easier because the temperature reduces to a more comfortable level.

Learn guitar the easy way

It is a well-known fact that most people- young and old alike- have a desire to learn guitar. Many of them may have already learnt other musical instruments in school and elsewhere but there’s always an inherent desire to learn guitar lingering inside them.

Why is guitar a popular musical instrument? There are many reasons behind the popularity of guitar as a musical instrument. The first and foremost is that it gets well with musical forms all over the world. Be it classic Rock Metal, traditional Flamenco or contemporary Indian music, all of them have made a place for the instrument. In fact, it has become a trend amongst youth all across the world nowadays to aspire to learn guitar as it is associated with the expression of romance and passion. This growing interest to learn guitar has been further accentuated by the ever growing popularity of music concerts all over the world.


My friend Michael who owns a landscaping company recently asked me what would be the best way to learn. Being that he owns his own business time is tight for him so I suggested a few ways that he could learn to give him the flexibility to fit in with his busy schedule.

So, why wait? Start learning the guitar today! It’s never too late to start learning an instrument, least of all, the guitar and surely, there are a number of ways to get you started on your journey.

  • Join a good music school: Almost all music schools today offer a variety of courses on guitar, right from the beginner level, where novices can start to learn the ABCs of guitar to advanced courses, more suitable for experienced guitarists. The drawback however is that one is typically constrained by the timings and a strict curriculum, not to mention the pretty steep fees.
  • Learn from a private instructor: Most people prefer to learn guitar through private instruction, which was also one of the most preferred options traditionally. This kind of learning, where professional guitarists usually teach the nuances of playing a guitar, is not only convenient but the personal attention one gets is bound to help learning guitar more enjoyable!
  • Teach yourself to learn guitar at home: There are innumerable books, CDs, DVDs available in the market that you could use to teach yourself to learn guitar in the luxury of your home. While it is a cost effective method to learn guitar, it may not be the best way for beginners as one needs some familiarity with the instrument and moreover, it takes a great degree of self-motivation and diligence to go through the course without professional assistance.
  • Try the online way: Learning guitar was never as easy as it has become today,in the age of the internet. Websites like offer free and paid high quality video lessons from talented and experienced instructors, providing an informal way of learning guitar at your convenience. So, get set and start realizing your dream of learning guitar today!

Hip hop music, what makes it so different?

Hip hop music is a music genre to develop from the hip hop culture. The music genre is defined by some basic style statement as DJing, sampling, rapping, beatboxing, scratching and the fredfoxing. The music form first started in the 1970s in the South Bronx of New York City. Hip hop music has got its roots in African-American music and ultimately the African music. Hip hop often coincides with the term rap. But there is a remarkable difference between the two, while rap is one particular song style, hiphop denotes the practice of a complete subculture.

The singing style of rap also refers to the Mcing, which is a vocal style where the artist speaks the lyrics in rhyme and verse. The singing is supported with an instrumental or synthesized beats. The looping portions of other songs are used to create beats in 4/4 time signature. The modern hip hop music in its beast incorporates synthesizers, live bands and drum machines.

Influence of Disco in the Hip hop Music:

It is said that hip hop music has got a good influence of disco. During the early days, this song form was recognized by the division occurring between the fans of Hip hop and the detractors of the disco music. Later on Hip hop emerged as a form of European disco music that became famous worldwide.
With its emergence, the hip hop music basically concentrated on the hard funk loops. It was by 1979,that instrumental tracks became the basis most of the hip hop music creation.]

The very first recording of hip hop track was regarded as The Sugarhilll Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, to be done in 1979. It was by 1980’s that all the important techniques and elements required for music recording were discovered and being utilized in recording. Gradually the genre became widely popular.

Later period of Growth:

It was in the year 2000 that a good influence of hip hop music was seen as many eminent singing personalities came together and sung this music in different styles. The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem in 2000 sold more than ten million copies in the USA and became one of the fastest selling album Ever released. During this period hip hop music created a good influence over the mainstream pop music.

So What Makes Hip hop Music Different From others?

The very first remarkable difference between hip hop music and other music genre is that there is no scope for depressing creations in this music genre. Modern hip hop has attained important innovations in the last decade. In the present scenario it is more recognized as a culture than simply a genre. It’s often said that hip hop music from very beginning is a lyrically complex genre. No other music genres have the rhyming schemes like hip hop. These are some simple points that bring out a remarkable difference between hip hop music and other music genres.